#549 Tanith 2010


Medium: Ink and Acrylic on canvas
Original Size: 1500x1000mm
Available as:  print

Mostly I enjoy drawing and painting what's around me, Fynbos,waves,birds in the garden. Every once in a while I am swept by yearning to connect with other parts of myself, a rich heritage of a courageous nation .

I painted some big Hamsas (ancient emblem of a hand, symbol protection and strength). Everytime i delved into it a bit more I learnt that symbol was widely spread in the far east and North Africa, and carried powerful messages for many cultures over many years. At some point of my research I realized the Phoenicians had a similar symbol of a goddess with a crescent moon over her head, That must have stemmed off the upside down hand.Tanith was the goddess of war and fertility. I painted her here in a mozaic style, carrying a message of strength and empowerment for all women.