#192a Beautiful garden Mr. Opperman 2003

Medium: Ink, water colors and Acrylic on paper
Original Size: 210x150mm

Mr Opperman was a foreman at Imhoff farm. Besides being so kind hearted and always helpful, He took care of everything around the farm from sick animals to fixing the tractors engine. He also was the senior musician at the Christmas marching band ( see artwork #261). Once a year the band would march out of ocean View in their 3 piece suits, from 3-80 year olds, all with instruments.. drums, trumpets, violins, saxophones.. There was no musical instrument he didn't play. My respect for him kept growing. As I got to know him I've learnt to my amazement he did not spend even one day at school. He was a Shepard boy, herding the sheep in the Karoo.. He told me himself how the neighbor complained to his father once that the child was acting strangely, running up and down the wire fence all day. Turns out he was "playing" the fence as the hollow pipes picked up wind and produces notes, transferred to the wire..

His life dream and ambition was to grow flowers at his later years. He did, his Dahlias were magnificent. Here he is , so proud in his flower garden . I hold a special place in my heart for Mr. Opperman.